How We Work With Clients

Like us, some clients are eager to participate in the process, while others ask us take the lead. However you prefer to work, our first priority is to build a deep and engaged personal relationship.

Gradient: An active and diligent partner

Only through a one-on-one partnership can we glean the insights needed to create the best possible financial plan. It also affords us opportunities to clearly answer your questions so you can comfortably make informed decisions.

A considered, long-term approach — Financial planning strategies include complex subjects with much to consider. Our experience has shown that taking the time to make the right decision drives long-term results.

  • We begin with a composite look at your portfolio to identify and evaluate any immediate changes required.
  • Then, through a series of scheduled meetings, we tackle the issues you face and the objectives you wish to achieve — one by one.
  • We like to meet quarterly to evaluate performance and discuss any challenges or issues that have arisen but will, of course, schedule reviews as frequently as you wish.

Collaborating with your trusted advisors — To identify and implement the most efficient and effective strategies, we actively interface with your other trusted advisors and will introduce you to any specialists you may need from our deep network of professional relationships.

Interactive exchange of information — We believe better decisions are made when you are thoroughly informed. The partners at Gradient are engaged communicators who enjoy sharing insights so you can feel confident about your financial future.