Investment Approach

Our process starts and ends with asset allocation, a strategy that specifically targets immediate and long-term objectives as well as your risk tolerance.

Customized asset allocation strategy

Academic research has shown that how investments are allocated between various asset classes drives portfolio returns more than market timing or stock picking can. Our goal is to create a portfolio that is diversified amongst investments that are uncorrelated (responding to market conditions in different ways) that attempts to achieve a higher rate of return for a given level of risk. Your asset allocation analysis will attempt to determine the most tax-efficient portfolio strategy for you.

Deliberate asset placement

Asset location is a critical but often overlooked consideration in managing an investment portfolio. Because taxes are one of the few considerations in portfolio construction that can be controlled, we attempt to determine where to place specific investments based on tax classification.

Disciplined rebalancing

Over time, some investments will appreciate and come to represent a greater weight in your portfolio than initially targeted, while others will decline. Systematic rebalancing provides a number of benefits — such as purchasing equities when prices are declining or locking in profits after significant market advances — while keeping you in line with your asset allocation strategy.